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Why Go Solar?

A look at the top 10 reasons why solar energy is good for your home or business:
And some reasons to go solar with us!

Note: Depending on where you live, our tool may not have LIDAR data for your house.

1. Decrease Your Electric Bills 

Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or nonprofit, electricity costs are a key part of monthly expenses. With a solar energy system, you can generate clean, renewable power. Even if you don’t produce 100% of the energy you consume, you can still reduce your utility bills immensely. Plus, with net metering, you can store any excess energy you produce for use at night or in the future.

2. Earn a Great Return on Your Investment

Solar panels aren’t an expense- they are an investment! Thanks to substantial electricity bill savings, the average American homeowner pays off their system in 7-8 years and sees an ROI of 20% or more over the lifetime of their array.

3. Protect Against Rising Energy Costs

A clear benefit of solar panels is the ability to hedge utility prices. In the past ten years, residential electricity prices have increased by an average of 3% annually. By investing in clean energy now, you can protect yourself and your bank account from further increases in electricity costs.

4. Increase Your Property Value

Many studies have found that homes powered by solar have higher property values and sell faster than homes without. According to Zillow, solar increases the value of a home by 4.1% on average.

5. Boost U.S. Energy Independence

By increasing our capacity to generate electricity from the sun, we can also protect ourselves and our country from price fluctuations in global energy markets. With a solar array, you produce your own power, allowing you to have independence from the grid and freedom from costly utility bills- that show little signs of slowing down in today’s market of inflation.

6. Create Jobs and Help Your Local Economy

According to The Solar Foundation, the solar industry added jobs at a rate of nearly 12 times faster than the overall United States economy in 2015. This growth is expected to continue as jobs in renewables tend to be higher-paying and cannot be outsourced. Plus, the ongoing climate crisis provides security and stability in the clean energy industry.

7. Protect the Environment

Buildings are responsible for 38% of all carbon emissions in the U.S., and making the switch to solar can decrease that number. A typical residential system will eliminate 3-4 tons of carbon emissions per year, which is the equivalent of planting roughly 100 trees.

Drone view of residential home with solar on roof
Residential home with solar on roof
8. Demonstrate Your Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are vital components of an organization’s values. Especially in today’s day and age, consumers and communities are recognizing and supporting businesses that choose to operate responsibly. Businesses are finding that “green” credentials are a powerful driver of consumer purchasing decisions and are improving business results.

9. Increase Employee Morale

Just like consumers, employees have demonstrated appreciation for their employer’s commitment to operating responsibly. Companies that care about the community and environment tend to have lower turnover rates, more engaged employees, and higher levels of morale. As any business professional knows- happy employees do great work!

10. Stay Competitive

Companies are quickly realizing the social and economic benefits of adopting solar power. As early adopters pull ahead of the competition, many companies are exploring their options as a way to keep up.

Why Go Solar with Us?

1. Experience

Kasselman Solar focuses on the local industry in New York State, and has completed a wide variety of installations- including roof mounts on homes or businesses as well as ground mounts. This means that we have the experience and expertise to design and install a system specific to your home or business’ needs. Not to mention over 70 years of industry experience as an affiliate of Kasselman Electric!

2. Quality

Kasselman Solar uses only high-quality solar panels and equipment, and our installations are done by trained and certified professionals. In 2024, we have received the Quality Solar Installer with Gold Status designation from NYSERDA for the second time, which recognizes our high quality installation for multiple years. We also offer a 25-year warranty on all solar arrays, so if something isn’t working right, we’ve got you covered! 

3. Financing Options

We help customers explore a wide range of financing options to help make solar more affordable and accessible for our customers. Between the variety of financing options, tax credits, and rebates available at the state and federal levels, we work to help more homeowners and businesses switch to clean energy.

4. Commitment to Sustainability

At Kasselman Solar, we are committed to sustainability and helping others reduce their carbon footprint! By working with our team, you can be a part of a sustainable future with a reputable company that will always put your needs first.

Kasselman Solar vans and trucks at solar installation site

At Kasselman Solar, we have a reputation for providing high-quality solar panel installations and excellent customer service. With our years of experience and commitment to quality, we are continuing to grow and expand our services to meet our customers’ needs.

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