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Protect Your Roof With a HUG- Halo UltraGrip

HUG from Iron Ridge protects your roof- and your wallet.

Solar panels will only cause roof leaks and damages if the panel mounting hardware is installed incorrectly. 

Kasselman Solar has teamed with Iron Ridge for the highest-quality mounting supplies.

IronRidge Halo UltraGrip (HUG)
What does Iron Ridge do?

Iron Ridge provides the mounting supplies that hold the solar panels securely on the roof without poking holes in the roof that create leaks. Their equipment is designed to accelerate the installation process and provide a watertight installation.

How does the equipment prevent damage?

Due to recent innovations, many asphalt shingles have bounded courses. A mounting system that not only protects the roof, but eliminates the need to pry the shingles for a solar installation, can speed up the process greatly. With a custom-made structural screw, HUGs get mounted to the roof with an EPDM sealing washer, providing multiple barriers of waterproofing.

What are the benefits Iron Ridge’s equipment provide?
  1. Prevent leaks: Iron Ridge’s’s technology minimizes damage to the roof and reduce the chances of leaks with the innovative, custom-made RD Structural Screw.
  2. Protection from critters and the elements: UltraGrip seal technology uses a unique foam-and-mastic combination that can adapt to fit composition shingles. By filling these gaps, critters can effectively stay out of your solar array.
  3. Protect your investment: because the chance of roof leaks, critter damage, and wear-and-tear from the elements becomes extremely slim, you can rest assured that your investment in solar will not be harmed by damage to your roof or your home itself.

By using Iron Ridge’s HUG equipment, there’s much less disruption of existing roof surface, because the HUG can adapt to the size, shape, pitch, etc of your roof. Once the solar is placed over your shingles, it will increase the roof’s longevity by blocking the Sun’s UV rays from degrading the roof, especially on the most southern roof planes.