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The Highest Quality Solar Panels

Our passion for quality and performance begins with installing the best solar panels from the most trusted and experienced manufacturers. Our LG solar panels are among the most powerful and efficient solar panels ever made while our Trina solar panels provide the most aesthetically attractive and cost-effective solution. Our solar panels have a 25-year power production & workmanship warranty and possess advanced industry leading technology to exceed the highest performance specifications and quality standards of our competitors!

Powerful & Beautiful

Can solar panels be powerful, affordable, and aesthetically attractive? With Kasselman Solar, the answer is yes. Our solar panels compliment your home with a modern seamless aesthetic, allowing for an elegant design that blends with the roof line and provides a sleek, low-profile appearance.

kasselman solar power ready
  • Highest Power Generation

  • 25-Year Full Warranty

  • Future Proofed

  • Unmatched Aesthetics

  • Options From 320 Watts to 400 Watts

About Our LG Solar Panels

Unmatched Efficiency & Aesthetics

The LG NeON R Solar Panels are more than our highest performance solar panel, it’s the world’s. The LG NeON R solar panel is the apex of solar modules. Arm your home with the highest and most efficient solar panel technology available installed with a clean, sleek modern aesthetic that blends with the roofline and compliments your home!

Enjoy Confidence In Your Decision

Getting the best solar panels installed by the most qualified and largest LG Pro Official Installer affords peace-of-mind that your system is future proofed and installed properly to stand the test of time with a full 25-year warranty! Proper installation is critical, did we mention we won the 2019 NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer Award?


For over 70 years, Kasselman has led with innovation, integrity, and trust. With Kasselman as your energy partner, you can rest assured the values we built our success upon will be there for you, today, tomorrow, and decades from now. You deserve peace of mind.


Kasselman is an established business operating in multiple industries. We provide a dynamic approach to sustainable energy with the most advanced products and fully-integrated solutions.


Our longevity ensures leading quality craftsmanship, reliability, and utmost customer satisfaction. We are determined to make a positive impact in all that we do; relationships built on trust, reputation forged by results.

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