The Highest Quality Solar Panels

Our passion for quality and performance begins with installing the best solar panels from the most trusted and experienced manufacturers. Our LG solar panels are among the most powerful and efficient solar panels ever made while our Trina solar panels provide the most aesthetically attractive and cost effective solution. Our solar panels have a 25 year warranty and possess advanced industry leading technology to ensure we exceed the highest performance specifications and quality standards.

Powerful & Beautiful

Can’t solar panels be powerful, affordable, and aesthetically attractive? With Kasselman Solar, the answer is yes. Our solar panels compliment your home with a modern seamless aesthetic, allowing for an elegant design that blends with the roof line and provides a sleek, low-profile appearance.

Key Features:
  • High-efficiency black mono-crystalline cells.
  • 25-year linear performance guarantee.
  • All black appearance creates sleek & low-profile roof installations.
  • Diversified manufacturers with tier 1 bankability.
  • Anti-reflective coating minimizes glare & maximizes solar yield.

Every component used in our solar panels exceeds IEC (industry standard) specifications at least 300%, guaranteeing we give our customers the power and quality they expect.

PID or Potential induced degradation is a condition that reduces a solar panel’s performance when a high negative voltage bias to ground exists. Our solar panels have been certified PID free by renown independent testing agencies.

The TÜV Rheinland “Power Controlled” inspection certification is a rare and demanding specification SolarWorld has earned by producing solar panels that have a 2% measuring tolerance. This mark is more proof that our customers are getting the watts they expect, no other manufacturer can claim such precise performance.

Our solar panels have a snow load capacity of 113 psf,  more than double Albany County’s 50 psf snow load. Although this may far exceed the snow rating for Albany, the snow rating reaches 80 psf in Warren County & other counties in New York State.

Plus‑Sorting, noted previously,  guarantees highest system efficiency and reliability. Only solar panels that meet or exceed the designated nominal power in performance tests are shipped. When one of our solar panels is labeled as 280 Watts, we know it makes between 280 Watts to 285 Watts (-0,+5), no less.

Our solar panels have special surface coatings and a geometric glass texture which both eliminates glare and acts to trap light within the solar panel (light-trapping). Unique features such as this create value by eliminating a potential nuisance while increasing efficiency.

Our solar panels meet IEC 61701 salt spray test conditions. This affords piece of mind that our solar panels won’t corrode or degrade, even if rock salt is thrown on a solar array to melt ice/snow.

The certification means that our solar panels are rated to 1000 Vdc which far exceeds the prevalent rating of 600 Vdc.

Our manufacturer shares technical data which contributes to global solar energy research, helping the whole planet benefit from their technology.

Brain & Brawn. We Make Solar Smarter & More Efficient With Microinverters.

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