Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Are you sick of the costly electric bills in Upstate New York? Own solar panels and stop paying them!

Solar panels help save money, increase home value, and reduce carbon emissions.

Kasselman Solar Energy Systems are virtually maintenance-free, include 24/7 Internet monitoring with iPhone and Android apps, and are designed to generate power for 30+ years. Each of our SolarWorld solar panels are US made, thin, and black so they blend in with your roof and look aesthetically pleasing.

Government studies show homes with solar appreciate 20% more and sell 17% faster than non-solar homes.

Solar panels are more affordable than ever but New York State solar incentives are being reduced fast! 

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Stop wasting hard-earned money and start saving thousands in annual energy costs by owning solar panels for as little as $0 down.

Solar power saves you money on your utility bill, increases your property value, and promotes sustainability.