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Solar Remote Crediting

Solar remote crediting allows business owners to power their homes with the energy the solar panels on their business produce.

Solar Remote Crediting FAQ

What Is It?

Solar remote crediting is net metering for electricity generated by a solar panel system that is located at a different place than where the energy is consumed. For example, business owners can use their commercial solar arrays to power their personal homes.

How Does It Work?

The business is considered the host and the home is considered the satellite account. Energy is fed into the grid and you receive a dollar value credit shared to the satellite account, which reduces utility bill costs for the host account.

How Are Credits Allocated Among Satellite Accounts?

Credits are allocated to all satellite accounts on a weighted scale determined by New York State VDER. VDER is New York’s mechanism to compensate energy generated by distributed energy resources. Essentially, satellite accounts receive dollar value credits posted to their account from the power generated by the host account.

Can I Power Multiple Homes With One Solar System?

Yes! Each host can have up to 10 individual satellite accounts. 

How Does This Benefit Me?

Solar Remote Crediting allows business owners to power their homes with the energy their solar array produces at their business. You can use the sun from your business’ roof to power another property or account that cannot get solar, most commonly if the roof at your home is not eligible for solar.

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