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Solar Permitting

Everything you need to know about solar permitting, and how Kasselman’s permitting department relieves you of many related tasks to acquire your permit.

Understanding the Permitting Process

Why is a solar permit necessary?

Solar installations are a construction project, and like any other construction project, the local authorities need to ensure the property is safe for installation. This ensures your project meets all safety and zoning regulations.

What’s the turnaround time for my permit?

In short, every project is different, but generally speaking, the turnaround time for most solar permits is 1-6 weeks, depending on the Agency Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Seasonal variations affect volumes, with warmer months seeing higher activity, even though solar installations can proceed year-round.

How does Kasselman’s permitting department help?

We handle the legwork, from submitting the initial application to navigating through any potential obstacles. With experience in approximately 525 AHJ’s across New York State, we’re well-versed in meeting various requirements and expediting your solar installation.

Upon project intake, we review all permitting concerns, including identifying any potential hurdles early on. Sometimes, the need for reviews by Planning, Zoning, Historical, and/or Architectural Review Boards is necessary. Either way, Kasselman Solar represents you and your project to smoothen the path to permit approval.

Other Solar Permitting Information:

Structural and Electrical Considerations

Unlike straightforward projects like re-roofing, solar installations involve complex structural and electrical evaluations. Array layout, aesthetic considerations, and zone-specific regulations can influence the permitting process.

Ground-Mounted Systems

Visibility, placement, and size are significant considerations, particularly for systems over 25 kW. Each zone may have specific limitations affecting the permit approval.

Sequential Board Approvals

Projects often require sequential approvals from Zoning, Planning, and then the Building Department. Our team ensures comprehensive preparation for each phase to facilitate smooth progression.

Representation and Fees

Kasselman Solar commits to representing your project during board meetings, which may necessitate additional fees. Our proactive approach aims to mitigate unforeseen issues, including variance requirements and project modifications.

Reach out to Kasselman Solar now and see how we can get you started on a path to a brighter future! 

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