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Solar Has Never Looked Better

Reduce Your Energy Bills, Increase Your Home Value!

Why Trust Kasselman with Your Next Solar Installation?

Solar panels help save money, increase home value, and reduce carbon emissions. Kasselman Solar Energy Systems are virtually maintenance-free, include 24/7 Internet monitoring with iPhone and Android apps, and are designed to generate power for 30+ years. We install high-efficiency solar panels that blend seamlessly with the roof, creating a modern and attractive aesthetic.

Our Guarantee

Energy Solutions

Kasselman Solar is committed to providing quality customer service and we believe that your solar panel installation should be worry free. That is why we provide innovative solar energy technology installed by highly trained professionals. Energy efficiency often requires making major lifestyle changes but going solar shouldn’t interfere with your daily routine. That’s the Kasselman Solar guarantee.

Remote Monitoring

To ensure total satisfaction, we proactively monitor your solar panel system with the most popular and advanced monitoring systems from SolarEdge and Enphase. These cutting-edge solar monitoring systems provide alerts to both the owner and Kasselman Solar, assuring that any issues are identified and rectified as soon as possible.

System Rebates

We ensure any incentives you are eligible for are screened and captured after each sale with your dedicated Project Manager. From agriculture grants to doubling your NYSERDA incentive, we put in the work to identify and take care of any eligible incentives guaranteeing a painless process with the most incentives for your project.

25-Year Warranty

All of our installations, including the solar panels, are under manufacturer warranty for 25 years. In addition, we provide simple solutions for any “what if” scenario you may encounter.

What Our Clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

The sales team communicated with us every step of the way, from the owner all the way down to the electricians and installers, everyone responded to us within hours if not minutes.
The Jones Family
Gansevoort, NY
We were looking into solar companies and had 4 or 5 other quotes and went with Kasselman. Some of the great things about solar are the rebates and tax incentives when you get a system installed. Kasselman went above and beyond preparing all of our NYSERDA information, so we didn’t have to do a thing.
Brian Sadowski
Valatie, NY
I tell everyone the story of how the owner cared enough about my installation to come and check it out, which I thought was really huge.
Morgan Hamilton
Saratoga Springs, NY
Better Solar Panels

The Highest Quality Solar Panels

Our passion for quality and performance begins with installing the best solar panels from the most trusted and experienced manufacturers. Our REC Alpha Pure solar panels are among the most powerful and efficient solar panels ever made while our QCell solar panels provide the most aesthetically attractive and cost-effective solution. Our solar panels have a 25-year warranty and possess advanced industry leading technology to ensure we exceed the highest performance specifications and quality standards.

Powerful & Beautiful

Can solar panels be powerful, affordable, and aesthetically attractive? With Kasselman Solar, the answer is yes. Our solar panels compliment your home with a modern seamless aesthetic, allowing for an elegant design that blends with the roof line and provides a sleek, low-profile appearance.
Kasselman Solar Barn LG Panels

Our Products

We negotiate supply agreements and build relationships directly with the industry’s leading manufacturers. Get the most advanced solar panels for the best price, no compromises.

Solar Panels

Our panels are equipped with a sophisticated matte black frame and a black back sheet to deliver a sleek modern aesthetic to your home. Our black cells with Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology make the panels more efficient and come with a 25-year warranty.
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Enphase Inverters

Our inverters combine sophistical digital control technology with efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar harvesting and best-in-class reliability.
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Solar Edge Inverters

Our inverters combine sophistical digital control technology with efficient power conversion architecture to achieve superior solar harvesting and best-in-class reliability.
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Our energy storage systems store electric energy for later consumption. With improved energy efficiency, our batteries enhance the quality of renewable energy through stabilization of power supply.
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Ground Mounts

Our Ground Mount systems allows our installers to mount on all terrains in no time. The locally-sourced steel pipes work with several foundation options from concrete piers to drive piles.
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Roof Mounts

Our Roof Mounts are made complete with revolutionary clamps designed for an easier and faster installation coupled with best-in-class aesthetics.
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Our Design

Kasselman Solar uses the industry-leading software, Aurora, to design your solar system.

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Local Incentives

New York State has some of the best incentives and financing options for solar energy systems in the country. We receive a grant from NYSERDA that lowers the cost of our client’s systems and they receive tax credits for most of the remaining cost, boosting the return on investment. It is imperative to act quickly, as more homeowners deploy solar, the incentives are scaled back.

Monitoring Software

Kasselman Solar connects customers to live solar panel monitoring via iPhone and Android apps and by web browser.

We use proprietary software to deliver reliable, secure solar energy monitoring 24/7 at no cost and we even have smartphone and tablet apps. You can even brag about your solar production by sharing daily solar production over Facebook and Twitter!

It gets better, our software is continuously updated to improve our client’s experience and maximize solar production. We now offer a consumption monitoring option to allow customers to see how much power they are using relative to how much solar they are creating, in real-time!

This cutting-edge monitoring software is one of the ways we provide superior customer service. If there is ever an issue with your system, the system will notify us (as well as you, the customer) so we can remedy the issue immediately.


Note: Depending on where you live, our tool may not have LIDAR data for your house.

Reach out to Kassleman Solar now and see how we can get you started on a path to a brighter future!