Energy Solutions Guarantee

Kasselman Solar is committed to providing quality customer service. We also believe that your solar panel experience should be worry free. That is why we provide innovative solar energy technology installed by highly trained professionals. Energy efficiency often requires making major lifestyle changes, but going solar shouldn’t interfere with your daily routine. That’s the Kasselman Solar guarantee.

Remote Monitoring Guarantee

To ensure total satisfaction, we remotely monitor your solar panel system. Should you encounter any issues with your solar energy system, we promise to show up to your home and fix it immediately.

System Rebates Guarantee

If your solar generation system overperforms, the savings get passed on to you. Conversely, if the system underperforms we pledge to make up the difference.

25-Year Warranty

All of our installations, including the Enhphase microinverters and solar panels, are under manufacturer warranty for 25 years. In addition, we provide simple solutions for any “what if” scenario you may encounter, whether it involves a move or a change to your roof.