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Measuring Precision in Solar Energy Designs

In the ever-changing solar industry, solar companies are always looking for the most innovative tools and technologies that can help streamline processes, from project conception all the way through the installation. One such indispensable tool in our arsenal is Aurora Solar, a cutting-edge platform that has revolutionized the way we approach solar design. Here, we’ll take a look at why Aurora Solar is the go-to system for solar companies like ours.

For solar companies like Kasselman, utilizing Aurora Solar helps us quickly create solar designs while maintaining the level of technical expertise we employ. We are committed to creating a seamless experience for each and every customer regardless of the type of project. Aurora’s advanced software allows us to design and present solar project designs with a level of detail and accuracy previously very difficult to obtain, significantly reducing project timelines. Aurora isn’t just a great tool, it has grown to become an industry standard in much of the solar world, with Aurora stating that 90% of the top residential U.S. solar companies use Aurora (1). 

Aurora Solar: Accurate and Reliable

LIDAR specifically looks at areas of sunlight and shading on your home, pitch of your roof and more...
  • Project Design and Simulation: Aurora Solar utilizes advanced simulation capabilities to create highly accurate designs. Aurora’s software provides detailed 3D modeling, shade analysis, and performance simulation, all of which will be taken into account to design the most optimized solar design, ensuring the best efficiency and financial savings possible.
  • Remote Site Analysis: One of Aurora’s best features is its ability to create detailed site analyses remotely. Aurora’s program uses both satellite imagery and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data to create create an accurate 3D model of the home and surrounding area. Compared to normal photographs or satellite imagery, LIDAR adds significant information, including height of objects, pitches of roof proximity to other objects and more -all important information when designing solar. This allows us to get a head start with the solar design process before even physically seeing the home! At Kasselman Solar, we additionally conduct in person site visits to ensure there are no discrepancies between the 3D model and the actual home. 
  • Innovative Features: Aurora Solar utilizes two features, AutoDesigner and AutoStringer, which increase efficiency in panel placement and electrical configurations when designing the system. These systems help automate parts of the solar design process, meaning our Solar Engineers can be even more efficient when designing your home!
  • Compliance with Regulations: Aurora’s solar design software has built-in tools to identify and add necessary safety standards such as fire pathways or complying with setback requirements. 
  • Customization and Flexibility: Aurora offers extensive customization options, from selecting system components in its database to adjusting pricing and utility escalation rates. This flexibility allows solar companies to tailor every project to meet unique customer needs and local market conditions.
  • Customer Support and Educational Resources: The platform provides an extensive pool of educational resources and tutorials as well as a responsive customer support team, ensuring that Aurora customers can take full advantage of their system and any new updates or changes. Instructional videos as well as contact information is readily available on the Aurora Solar website to help guide customers. 

Aurora's Technical Expertise

Today, Aurora is distinguished as a premier software solution in the solar industry, however just about a decade ago it was still in its early stages. The history of Aurora Solar is truly a testament to the innovation, growth, and increasing credibility within the solar industry. Founded in 2013 by Christopher Hopper and Samuel Adeyemo while they were students at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Aurora Solar has evolved from a startup to a leading force in solar design software (2).

The technical expertise Aurora Solar provides is vital for our solar designs. Aurora utilizes satellite imagery to identify your home, the shape, size, and directionality of your roof to design how solar panels will lay on the roof. It also allows our Engineering team to analyze the amount of sunlight and shading that your roof experiences by identifying any trees or nearby buildings which may shade parts of your roof, making them less ideal to place solar panels. 

All images courtesy of Aurora Solar

In conclusion, Kasselman Solar stands at the forefront of the solar industry, not just as a pioneer but as a paragon of excellence and precision. As we mark our 10th anniversary in 2024, our journey is illuminated by the accolades and achievements that underscore our commitment to quality, including the prestigious NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer award, which we’ve been honored to receive five times. Our team, comprised of NABCEP-certified solar experts, embodies our dedication to unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship. By integrating state-of-the-art design tools like Aurora Solar and LIDAR, we ensure that every project we undertake is characterized by meticulous accuracy and tailored efficiency. Kasselman Solar’s enduring legacy is built on a foundation of innovation, quality, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, setting a benchmark in the solar industry that resonates with sustainability, reliability, and precision.

Author: Ava Clemenzi