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All About Solar Financing

Everything you need to know.

The bottom line is: be an informed consumer!

If you’re considering a solar project, chances are, you will need some form of financing to get the ball rolling. Solar financing can be a lengthy process, but at Kasselman Solar, our team of experts works with you and on your behalf to secure the best rates possible. Dealer fees are an all-too-common threat in today’s economic landscape, but we are proud to only work with government programs and independent credit unions to keep our customers safe from treacherous loans.

To fund our residential projects, we use one of three trusted, private lenders. Find more information about each below.

Green Jobs Green New York (GJGNY)

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) promotes clean energy all over New York State. The GJGNY program is designed to make solar more accessible for families. The program features a range of interest rates, which vary from 3.49% to 6.99%. GJGNY loans are on par or lower than the national average, which, according to Forbes, ranges between 4-17%. See if you qualify here.

Our Innovative Partnership

First New York Federal Credit Union (FCU)

Recognizing the need for secure solar financing, Kasselman Solar partnered with First New York FCU to offer customized solar loans to our customers. As a Capital Region-based bank, First New York has a vast knowledge of the local economic landscape. This partnership is different because First New York tailors their financing solutions to each customer’s unique needs. Just like how no two people are the same, no solar project is the same, so our customers can receive financing that aligns with their goals and circumstances- and no one else’s.

Affordable Solar

In an effort to promote inclusivity and equality in New York’s transition to renewable energy, NYSERDA has launched the Affordable Solar program. Affordable Solar seeks to bridge gaps of inequality by providing low-interest financing options tailored specifically for underserved households and communities. As of January 2024, the Affordable Solar program is available for households earning less than 80% of the median income in their area.

Reach out to Kasselman Solar now and see how we can get you started on a path to a brighter future!