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Protect Your Investment

Safeguard your solar array, while also maximizing
its performance and longevity.

Our Featured Service Products:

Critter Guards

The SnapNRack Critter Guard from Iron Ridge is designed to keep birds, squirrels, etc from making themselves a home under your solar panels. The mesh screen is made of a sturdy vinyl-coated steel, which can keep even the most elusive critters out.

Snow Guards

Snow and ice can slide off sloped surfaces, such as roofs, at a speed that can cause property damage and even hurt pedestrians walking nearby. The Alpine SnowGuard holds snow and ice in a position that allows them to melt naturally and not cause harm.

Removal & Reinstallation

Routine maintenance is necessary to keep your solar panels in tip-top shape. Whether you need to clean your panels, upgrade your array, or replace/repair your roof, our expert team can safely remove and reinstall your array. Plus, in some cases, you can even receive tax credits!

Solar System Upgrades

If your system was installed before 2018, you may be missing out on the latest technological advancements. Upgrading your panels can lead to increased energy production and improved performance. In many cases, it makes more sense to upgrade your panels if you’re already looking to remove and reinstall due to tax incentives and technological advancements.

Aesthetic Trim Package

The Contour Trim from IronRidge provides a sleek trim across the southernmost edge of the panels, hiding components that are visible under the solar panels. This ensures the aesthetics of your home are maintained.

Residential EV Charging

With the rise of electric vehicles, it’s important for homeowners to consider the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of charging EV’s at home. Solar panels can offset the energy consumption that electric vehicles will require as they charge. 

Electric Panel Upgrades

As you integrate more electric-powered solutions, your current electric panel may fall short in meeting your new energy demands. With a proficiently upgraded electric panel, not only do you facilitate the smooth operation of your appliances/EV charging stations, you can future-proof your home against upcoming electric innovations.

Expansion Projects

As the world becomes more tech-heavy than ever, your energy demands may have increased since the installation of your original solar system. Expanding your array ensures your home continues to meet its energy needs sustainably, along with avoiding future increases in energy costs.

Kasselman Advantage


For over 70 years, Kasselman has led with innovation, integrity, and trust. With Kasselman as your energy partner, you can rest assured the values we built our success upon will be there for you, today, tomorrow, and decades from now. You deserve peace of mind.


Kasselman is an established business operating in multiple industries. We provide a dynamic approach to sustainable energy with the most advanced products and fully-integrated solutions.


Our longevity ensures leading quality craftsmanship, reliability, and utmost customer satisfaction. We are determined to make a positive impact in all that we do; relationships built on trust, reputation forged by results.

Our Guarantee

Energy Solutions

Kasselman Solar is committed to providing quality customer service and we believe that your solar panel installation should be worry free. That is why we provide innovative solar energy technology installed by highly trained professionals. Energy efficiency often requires making major lifestyle changes but going solar shouldn’t interfere with your daily routine. That’s the Kasselman Solar guarantee.

Remote Monitoring

To ensure total satisfaction, we proactively monitor your solar panel system with the most popular and advanced monitoring systems from SolarEdge and Enphase. These cutting-edge solar monitoring systems provide alerts to both the owner and Kasselman Solar, assuring that any issues are identified and rectified as soon as possible.

System Rebates

We ensure any incentives you are eligible for are screened and captured after each sale with your dedicated Project Manager. From agriculture grants to doubling your NYSERDA incentive, we put in the work to identify and take care of any eligible incentives guaranteeing a painless process with the most incentives for your project.

25-Year Warranty

All of our installations, including the solar panels, are under manufacturer warranty for up to 25 years. In addition, we provide simple solutions for any “what if” scenario you may encounter, whether it involves a move or a change to your roof.

Reach out to Kassleman Solar now and see how we can get you started on a path to a brighter future!