Breaking News: We’re a 2024 NYSERDA Quality Solar 
Installer with Gold Status!

Kasselman Solar Recognized by Forbes and Solar Power World

In the ever-expanding realm of renewable energy, Kasselman Solar has emerged as a prominent player, recently gaining widespread recognition from esteemed publications, such as Forbes and Solar Power World. These accolades not only affirm Kasselman’s commitment to quality and excellence, but also underscore our unique blend of extensive industry expertise and localized attention to detail.

Forbes' Acclamation: A Testament to
Quality, Service, and Affordability

In the quest to spotlight solar contractors that excel in installation quality, customer service, and competitive pricing, Forbes meticulously assessed the landscape both regionally and nationally, and found Kasselman Solar to be a standout choice for New York State. As an Albany-based company, Kasselman’s recognition stems from its profound familiarity with the region’s solar incentives and programs. Our certification by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and its acknowledgement as a 2023 Quality Solar Installer with Gold Status by NYSERDA further solidify our strong reputation in the industry.

What sets Kasselman apart from the rest, according to Forbes, is our unique synthesis of transparency, trust, and premier solar products in our service offerings. Our commitment to utilizing products from leading manufacturers ensures top-tier quality and performance. Moreover, Kasselman Solar’s comprehensive warranty coverage provides customers with valuable protection to their solar array for the long-term. Most importantly, how local policies and incentives impact the customer’s unique situation and needs is at the forefront of company operations. Kasselman’s prowess in navigating local solar landscapes makes us an easy choice for homeowners and businesses.

Solar Power World: Celebrating Excellence on a National Scale

Solar Power World, a renowned publication in the solar domain, annually recognizes the most outstanding contractors across the United States. This year, Kasselman made its grand debut on the list. The inclusion required an in-depth overview of Kasselman’s workforce, corporate heritage, installed energy capacity, and year-over-year growth rates. 

Placing at an impressive rank of #210 out of 420 contractors, Kasselman stands tall among significantly larger competitors. This achievement shows not only a successful business model, but an ability to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. Plus, Kasselman was the highest-rated local contractor for residential installers!

As Kasselman Solar basks in the spotlight of national recognition, its journey highlights the unique balance it strikes between the advantages of a sizable corporation and the personalized touch of a local business. The company’s alliance with Kasselman Electric, the premier commercial electrical contractor in the Capital District, further attests to our robust credentials and extensive industry track record.

Best of Both Worlds: A Fusion of Class and Local Care

The dual commendations from Forbes and Solar Power World emphasize that Kasselman Solar embodies both the high-caliber offerings of a large enterprise combined with the quality control and attention to detail that only a small business can provide. These accoloades reaffirm our standing as a true industry leader, a testament to our customer-centric approach, and unyielding dedication to shaping a sustainable energy future. Get in touch today to see how Kasselman stands far and above the rest!