Our Blog’s Latest: Celebrating an Employee Anniversary

Celebrating an Employee Anniversary

Today we highlight a recent work anniversary of one of our employees! Julia Greiner is our Lead Engineering Support Specialist and this month celebrates 3 years with Kasselman. During her time with us so far, Julia has shown great dedication, exceptional skills, and leadership which we are excited to see continue growing in the coming years! 
Q: How did you start your career with Kasselman?

A: “I started in the solar industry in 2009, working for several small local companies, where I met Scott and Mark, two of Kasselman Solar’s PV Design Engineers. I had been out of the industry for a few years, working for a local non-profit, and they told me about how great Kasselman Solar was and lured me back!”

Q: How has your role evolved over the years?

A: “Over the years, I’ve done everything from setting appointments to applying for building permits, scheduling installs, putting together interconnection and incentive applications, and working on large commercial solar projects. My current role though, working directly with customers, seeing if they’ve got a good site for solar, and getting their questions answered as well as working closely with our PV Design Engineers to make sure our customer’s needs get met, that’s my favorite role.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about working here?

A: “I definitely enjoy the work – there’s nothing better than talking to a customer who’s been waiting to go solar their whole life and is finally in a place where they can make that dream happen! Being a part of that is awesome!”

Julia Greiner, Kasselman Solar Lead Engineering Support Specialist, 3 year employee work anniversary
Q: What are some of your proudest accomplishments here?

A: “Helping the PV Design Engineers to be more efficient and productive – which allows them to help more and more people go solar! Getting to use all my previous knowledge in the solar industry to help make the inside sales department an efficient and enjoyable work environment. Helping Kasselman Solar step into its next phase as a company from going to a small, organically grown family-owned-and-operated business to a well-known and trusted pillar of the local solar community.”

Q: What is the most important thing you have learned during your time here?

A: “The culture here is very much one that is built on the teamwork spirit. And that is where the magic happens. Teamwork means choosing to focus on the positive aspects and work WITH people as opposed to against them. Openly communicating and coming at problems with curiosity and an open mind.”

Q: What do you enjoy about the company culture here?

A: “A crucial part of Kasselman Solar’s company culture has come from the owner himself – Steve Kasselman. He does an amazing job with talking and listening to everyone in the company, no matter what level you’re at. He’s surprisingly humble and curious and supportive. His goal was to create a company that was just plain good-to-work-for and, from my point of view, he’s created just that – this has been the best experience I’ve had working for a solar company since I started in the industry in 2009.”

Q: How do you see your role possibly evolving in the coming years?

A: “I’m very happy in my current role and plan on continuing it as long as possible! I see it mostly changing with all the incoming technology – being given more tools to help reach out to customers faster and easier.”

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Published: 6/28/2024 | Edited: 7/16/2024

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