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Local Solar Thrives Amidst National Turbulence

Recent developments in the solar industry have shown a notable shift in dynamics, as large companies like Tesla and SunPower face operational challenges. Tesla, for example, has begun a strategic pivot from direct installations to focusing on becoming a supplier for certified installers. This comes after a decision to lay off a portion of their workforce due to falling sales and a refocus on third-party installer models, especially in their solar roof and energy office sectors (1). However, Tesla is far from alone in these trends. Solar layoffs are becoming quite common among national contractors, and it’s something that affects the solar industry at-large, even right here in our own local community.

Major Solar Companies Announce Layoffs

Recently, SunRun’s stock performance has experienced a downturn, further exemplifying the broader market challenges facing large national solar companies (2). Solar layoffs from national companies began in March 2022, when SunRun themselves laid off 25% of their staff (4). Now, in 2024, SunPower’s situation mirrors this industry trend, having recently announced the layoff of 1,000 employees (roughly 20-25% of their total workforce), signaling a potential reevaluation of their business operations and strategy (3)

The most shocking round of layoffs is from Tesla. While it may look like Tesla has laid off the least employees in the graph, that is because Tesla laid off the lowest percentage of their employees at 10%. However, because Tesla has more employees than SunPower and SunRun, laying off 10% of their staff is leaving almost 14,000 people without an income (5). 

We can ask ourselves, what are the broader implications of these layoffs? What’s the cause of such turbulence in the solar industry at-large? While Kasselman Solar doesn’t have a crystal ball to answer these questions, we do know one thing: if a company is laying off the amount of employees that Tesla, SunPower, and SunRun have, it’s rarely a good sign. Now more than ever, selecting a solar installer that is in a strong financial position is of the utmost importance.


Graph generated by Kasselman Solar using data from the sources below.

Powering Ahead with Local Expertise

Unlike larger corporations, local contractors tend to have a more personalized approach, often resulting in better customer service and tailored solutions that cater to specific local needs and conditions. Furthermore, supporting local businesses can lead to faster service times and potentially lower costs, as these companies are more embedded within the community and can offer more flexible pricing structures. If that’s not enough, going local helps boost the regional economy, bringing jobs to great people right here in your community!

In a time where national solar companies seem to be in trouble, local solar companies like Kasselman are standing head and shoulders above the key players in the industry. Primarily operating in the Capital Region and Hudson Valley, we’ve installed at least 450 solar arrays for three consecutive years.  How many other local installers can say the same?

Kasselman Solar brings a wealth of experience, with 75 years in the industry as an affiliate of Kasselman Electric. This extensive background ensures we have the expertise  to handle a wide range of solar projects with exceptional skill and care. Our recognition as a top contractor by Forbes and a 5-time NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer further highlights our leadership and commitment to excellence. 

Choosing Kasselman Solar means opting for a provider that values customer service, community involvement, and sustainable practices. Our local focus allows us to deliver personalized service that can be tailored to meet the unique needs and conditions of their clients. In contrast to the impersonal nature of some national chains, Kasselman Solar’s approach is built on strong, community-focused relationships. As we witness the shifting tides in the solar industry, choosing a trusted, local provider like Kasselman Solar ensures you not only invest in quality and reliability but also support sustainable community development. Connect with our team today to explore how solar solutions tailored for you can brighten your tomorrow.