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Why trust Kasselman with your solar installation?

Celebrating 10 years of business in 2024, we bring over 75 years of industry expertise as an affiliate of Kasselman Electric. We’re a family business that’s been featured in Forbes, Solar Power World, and we’ve even been named a 5-time Quality Solar Installer by NYSERDA.
With over 5,000 installations completed across New York State, we guarantee reliable warranties and exceptional service long after your installation. 

Why Go Solar?

Solar power puts you in control, reducing your reliance on the grid and protecting you against rising energy costs. Our team of certified solar professionals is committed to excellence, ensuring a seamless transition to solar energy. From consultation to installation and beyond, we’re here to support you, ensuring peace of mind every step of the way.

Solar Financial Incentives

Maximize your investment with available solar incentives, tax credits, and rebates. Eligible homeowners can receive:

  • 30% federal tax credit from total project cost
  • 25% state tax credit from total project cost (cap at $5,000)
  • NYSERDA rebates per watt of energy installed

Kasselman Solar's
Monitoring Software

Kasselman Solar connects customers to live solar panel monitoring via iPhone and Android apps and by web browser.

  • Reliable, secure solar energy monitoring 24/7
  • Apps compatible with iPhone, Android, smartphones, and tablets
  • You can even brag about your solar production by sharing daily solar production over Facebook and Twitter!


In addition, our software is continuously updated to improve our client’s experience and maximize solar production. We now offer a consumption monitoring option to allow customers to see how much power they are using relative to how much solar they are creating, in real-time!

What Our Clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

The sales team communicated with us every step of the way, from the owner all the way down to the electricians and installers, everyone responded to us within hours, if not minutes.
The Jones Family
Gansevoort, NY
We were looking into solar companies and had 4 or 5 other quotes and went with Kasselman. Some of the great things about solar are the rebates and tax incentives when you get a system installed. Kasselman went above and beyond preparing all of our NYSERDA information, so we didn’t have to do a thing.
Brian Sadowski
Valatie, NY
I tell everyone the story of how the owner cared enough about my installation to come and check it out, which I thought was really huge.
Morgan Hamilton
Saratoga Springs, NY
Join the thousands of satisfied homeowners who have chosen Kasselman Solar for their renewable energy needs. Request a free consultation today, and take the first step towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

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