The Kasselman Fortress

More Power, More Capabilities, More Efficient, Future Ready

Direct relationship with LG

Most powerful solar on the market

24/7 Power Outage Protection 

The Most Powerful Solar

Having the most powerful solution shouldn’t compromise beauty. The Kasselman Fortress blends the most powerful solar panels in the market to your rooftop without sacrificing the visual aesthetics keeping your home powerful and beautiful. Our LG Solar panels have a 25-year power production & workmanship warranty and possess advanced industry leading technology to exceed the highest performing panels.

Monitor and Control

By charging your “fortress” directly from your solar panels you’ll generate the most power with the highest efficiencies possible. By fully integrating your solar, inverter, and backup battery, your system will be easily accessible via app to monitor and control. 

Full Home Backup

Take back control to protect your family from the unreliability of a failing grid. Secure peace of mind in uncertain times by fully backing-up your home with the largest residential Lithium-Ion Battery in the world. 

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