BREAKING: 2022 New York State Solar Incentives Now Best In USA

The Future Of Energy Storage

Solar + energy storage, also known as a home battery, is the paradigm shift in electricity you never saw coming.  It means total control.  It solves a problem everybody has been ignoring.  Sure, solar panels are a smart purchase, but are only a half-measure to what is truly possible.

Energy storage holds onto your electricity and gives you maximum control over how it is used.  People have grown accustomed to the fact electricity is fleeting – the very instant it is created, it is gone.  This means the electricity generated by your solar panels is either put to work running your pool pump, or gets sent back to the grid where you once again have no control.  It also means you are 100% dependent on your utility, even if you have solar.

Some people will choose to buy batteries simply to lower their electricity bills, but that is just the beginning.  Energy storage changes the very nature in which homes and businesses manage electricity.  The days of buying overpriced electricity from sources dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels will end abruptly in just a few short years.  You look around and see solar panels on nearly every roof – the same will soon be true of home batteries.  Millions of people generating, storing, and using their own clean, renewable energy either zeroing out their electricity bill or certainly paying less than they are now.

Kasselman has been monitoring the emerging energy storage industry for quite some time.  As we watched home batteries begin to come on the market, our challenge was clear.  Choose the right companies with which to partner and create a portfolio of the most technically advanced and proven storage solutions on the market.  After more than a year vetting and installing numerous home battery options, it became very apparent there is no single energy storage product right for everyone. Therefore, identifying an intelligent and robust set of battery solutions capable of meeting any homeowner’s unique requirements was critical.  We believe our partnerships with the world’s leading home battery companies has allowed us to accomplish this goal better than any other local solar provider.

While the Federal ITC tax credit is still available, a home battery is within your budget.  Adding a battery to your home can cost less than a daily latte.