Kasselman Solar & NYSERDA Launch Affordable Solar

State officials said there’s never been a better time for 
middle and low income families to invest in solar energy. 
Beginning this month, the state is raising interest rates 
on its solar loan program for high income borrowers in order 
to expand access to those earning less. 
Terry Stackhouse reports for Time Warner Cable News. 

GREENVILLE, N.Y - A ‘no brainer’, that’s how Lonnie Avery describes his 
decision to invest in solar panels for his Greenville home.    

“Because of the low interest loans and purchasing 
solar panels that are going to save me an incredible 
amount of money,” said Lonnie Avery, investing in 
solar panels.

Lonnie secured a loan through the New York State 
Energy Research and Development Authority’s solar 
incentive program New York Sun at a rate of 
3.49 percent.

For the last 2.5 years, all New Yorkers have been able to 
borrow for solar power projects at a rate of 3.49 

Beginning this month, only households with an 
income less than 80-percent of the median income 
in their area will be able to take advantage that interest rate.

Those earning above 80 percent will now pay 4.99 
percent interest, up to 7.99 percent for homes 
earning 120 percent of the median local income.

 “We are continuing our low interest loans for low 
interest households to have them have access so 
they can participate in this program,” 
said John Rhodes, NYSERDA President.

NYSERDA President John Rhodes said due to the 
success of solar, banks and lenders are clamoring to 
the solar market and rate change ensures middle 
and low income families will be able afford solar 
installations in the future.

“It is good for the environment, it is good for the 
clean energy economy, it creates jobs in the 
neighborhood,” said Rhodes.

“We’re able to offer an opportunity to for New Yorkers that were 
never able to utilize the solar incentives 
that were available before an opportunity to save right away and
 increase and put value into their homes,” 
said Scott Rakowski of Kasselman Solar.

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Which solar system is better, microinverters or optimizers?


The solar industry has transitioned from string inverters to module level power electronics (MLPE) which allows for monitoring of each solar panel and increased production over traditional string inverters but which system is better, Enphase Microinverters or SolarEdge DC Optimizers?

Enphase Microinverters consistently outperform SolarEdge Optimizers and have twice the warranty with no single point of failure. Enphase Microinverters eliminate high-voltage DC from the solar array by the nature of design and they are NEC 2014 & NEC 2017 Rapid Shutdown Complaint, which means a smarter, safer, solar system on your home.


Kasselman Solar Monitoring App Update

We are happy to announce an update to our solar monitoring software! We are committed to continuously updating our software to provide our current and future customers with an increasingly functional solar experience. To learn about some of the recent updates take a look at the video below!

Microinverters Outperform Central Inverters By 20% in Study

Microinverters Vs. Central Inverters: Which Is Best?

David M. Lee & Brian W. Raichle of Appalachian State University have published a study entitled “A SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON OF MICRO AND CENTRAL INVERTERS IN SHADED AND UNSHADED CONDITIONS”. This study concludes that microinverters “outperformed one particular central inverter (SunnyBoy 700U) during the fall 2011 at a site in Boone, NC. In unshaded conditions the microinverter provided on average 20% more power output than the central inverter. Under partial shading conditions (shading of 3.2% of the total array area) the microinverter outperformed the central inverter by 20%. Additionally, microinverter output was virtually unaffected by small amounts of array shading.”

More and more homeowners are insisting on microinverters for their home solar panels. At Kasselman Solar, we ONLY install microinverters on all of our solar arrays strongly because they are the best inverter solution available.

Our Solar Panels | SolarWorld


At Kasselman Solar, we are passionate about solar energy and advances in solar technology. We only install the industry’s most powerful producSolarWorld 275 Watt Mono Black Solar Panelts from the most reliable and experienced manufacturers. We are proud to announce our continued partnership with SolarWorld.Our first container of 2015 SolarWorld 275 Watt Mono Black Solar Panels is in our warehouse and ready to install! The 2015 SolarWorld 275 Mono Black is made in the US at SolarWorld’s Hillsboro, Oregon production facility. These solar panels are black framed, made of high grade monocrystalline silicon, extremely efficient, and they have a 25 year warranty.

Click Here To Download The Specifications

57 SolarWorld Solar Panels Installed In 1 Day

Kasselman Solar Crews have set a record when it comes to most solar panels installed in one single day. Upstate New York experienced unusually warm weather in December 2014 which made for optimal solar panel installation conditions. This solar crew set their mind to making a new record to finish out 2014 and they accomplished it.

Congratulations this solar crew on their 57 SolarWorld solar panels installed in one day, way to end 2014!

Perfect Score – Customer Solar Reviews

Special Thanks To Our Customers For Giving Us A Perfect Solar Reviews On Solarreviews.com! Our Hard Work Is Paying Off And We Appreciate Our Customer’s solar reviews.

We Hope You All Have A Safe And Healthy Holiday Season!


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