“We loved everything about the process and experience. Everyone we came in contact with, electricians, installers, sales, and owners treated us like family. The product is amazing, the technology, the look, the warranties, it was everything we were looking for. We couldn’t be more pleased with our system and experience. I would and will recommend Kasselman to everyone!”

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-Jacquie & Logan Jones

Gansevoort, New York

Logan & Jacquie Jones – Solar Testimonial

“We were looking into solar companies… we called them up and they came out, we had 4 or 5 other quotes but we went with Kasselman! Some of the great things about solar are the rebates and tax incentives when you get a system installed. Kasselman went above and beyond preparing all of our NYSERDA information sending it in, we didn’t have to do anything! We could not be happier with our system, it’s phenomenal!”

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-Brian Sadowski

Albany, New York

Brian Sadowski – Albany, NY Solar Testimonial

“When I first started looking at solar I was looking for somebody who was local and when I found Kasselman I did my research and found out they had been around for a long time (1948)! I was just in Australia for a month…I would pull up my array on my iPhone and on my iPad and I would show everybody what each one of those panels was putting out! It’s all computerized it works over wifi and hits the internet and I can see exactly what the power output is so it makes me really feel good about the investment! My neighbors have been really interested, my family comes over they’re really interested they want to see the app and they can’t believe that little tiny box in the garage is controlling everything. I work in high technology field and having the ability to plug in new technologies and upgrade the system really made me want to choose this system. ”

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-Morgan Hamilton

Saratoga Springs, New York

Morgan Hamilton – Solar Testimonial

“Growing up, my Dad was an electrical contractor so we were familiar with the Kasselman name and now that he’s retired and sold his business I knew that Kasselman would be a safe bet. When I talked to Scott, right away I knew he knew what he was talking about and I was very comfortable with him desigining my system and showing me what it would look like and how it would operate. I mentioned to Scott that I had some experience working in the electrical field so when I asked him questions I knew the answers he gave me were valid. I felt Kasselman was the best choice for me because they were local, they were experienced, and I couldn’t find a bad review anywhere! My system is up and running and it’s doing exactly what they promised it would do, what more could I ask for!”

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-Ed SanSoucie

Amsterdam, New York

Ed SanSoucie – Solar Testimonial

“I found one wholesale company where I could purchase the solar panels that I wanted, made in America, which was very important to me. I looked at doing it myself! After doing more research I found out that to get the federal and state subsidies I had to have the equipment installed by a qualified installer. So when I reached out to Kasselman Solar the exact equipment that I was looking to use was actually the same equipment they use! I look at my meter and it runs in reverse, I’ve had a wonderful experience with Kasselman Solar from their customer service to the whole installation process.. the equipment is just spot on!”

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-Ben Ogburn

Clifton Park, New York

Benjamin Ogburn – Solar Testimonial