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Solar in New York: A Bright Future

New York, like many states in the U.S., is embracing solar energy to combat the climate crisis. 

New York is also turning to solar as a way to reduce energy costs and help stimulate the local economy. The state has declared an ambitious goal of generating 70% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030. The large growth in the solar industry in New York will help us reach this goal. This growth has also worked to make going solar an easier and better investment for more homeowners and businesses in New York. At Kasselman Solar, we can help you go solar and start saving!

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Recent Solar in New York

The solar industry in New York has experienced significant growth in recent years. As of the end of 2021, over 3.3 gigawatts (GW) of solar was installed in New York State. In total, that is enough to power over 550,000 homes. The state’s solar industry growth has also helped create jobs, with even more expected job openings as the industry continues to expand. Currently, there are over 10,000 New York jobs attributed to the solar industry (3). During an announcement in Climate Week of 2022, Governor Hochul announced a total of 4 GW (gigawatts) of distributed solar installed in New York (2). This metric includes community, residential, small commercial and industrial projects to accurately look at solar across the state. 

In addition to the 4 GW of distributed solar installed statewide, there is an added 3.2 GW of solar that has been awarded towards NY-Sun incentives and are currently under construction across the state. This will bring in enough energy to power another approximate 500,000 homes. In total, this 4 GW can power over 710,000 homes, which is a huge increase since 2021 (2). This almost 30% increase in total solar in New York is a testament to the industry’s growth in the future, making huge strides towards our 6 GW goal.

When comparing to earlier years of solar installation, you can truly acknowledge the growth of the industry in New York. According to NYSERDA, total solar capacity in 2011 was just 83 MW, and we have now hit 4 GW, equal to 4,000 MW! This represents a compound annual growth rate of around 45% over the past 10 or so years (1). This immense growth pattern depicts a booming industry in the state. In both 2019 and 2020, the state installed over 1 GW per year, and in 2021 installed over 900 MW (1). Here, we see the continued high growth rate of around 30%, clearly showing the industry’s continuous growth. There are many reasons people are going solar, including this increased investment in the industry which has helped decrease costs to go solar.


There have been many different policies and investments into clean energy in New York State over the years. Solar incentives and other offerings through groups like NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) help more homeowners and businesses be able to afford going solar, which in turn increases New York’s ability to grow its clean energy industry. 

NYSERDA was created originally as a public benefit corporation in 1975, and took on more of its current role in 1995 -taking on more critical energy efficiency, energy assessments, energy planning, and policy analysis functions (4). Early on in solar and clean energy in New York, NYSERDA worked to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. By 2010, NYSERDA programs focused on reducing energy use, increasing energy efficiency, creating jobs, creating public-private partnerships, and preparing the workforce for the growing clean energy economy (4).

NYSERDA also works to reward and recognize businesses who meet their high standard for quality clean energy. Kasselman Solar has received the Quality Solar Installer with Gold Status award in 2023 which recognizes our focus on quality during our solar installations!

Future Growth in Clean Energy

New York’s next goal is to reach 6 GW total installed by 2025. After that, the mission is to reach 10 GW installed by 2030 (2). By reaching 4 GW this past September, the state is on track to continue towards these goals.

It takes many factors to reach this immense growth and maintain it, including support from state and federal policies, tax credits and incentives, declining solar panel costs, and increasing demand for clean energy from homeowners and businesses (1). Continued technological improvements help decrease cost and increase efficiency of solar overall, which will continue to help growth in the state. New York State has invested over $9.4 billion into the solar industry and continues to invest more into this clean energy source (3).

The U.S. is continuing to look towards more clean energy sources which can allow us to generate more of our own energy and New York State has continued to be amongst the forefront of solar in the United States. New York State has consistently ranked in the top 10 U.S. solar markets with over 4% of the state’s electricity coming from solar (3). With high electricity rates, and some of the best solar incentives, New York is working to make solar a great option for more people (6). Homeowners and businesses are increasingly turning to solar to lower utility expenses and see the environmental and financial benefits of solar. Every homeowner or business that goes solar becomes an integral part of New York’s progress towards our clean energy goals. Going solar now can help you save money and be a part of a more clean, environmental New York!

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