Microinverters Outperform Central Inverters By 20% in Study

Microinverters Vs. Central Inverters: Which Is Best?

David M. Lee & Brian W. Raichle of Appalachian State University have published a study entitled “A SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON OF MICRO AND CENTRAL INVERTERS IN SHADED AND UNSHADED CONDITIONS”. This study concludes that microinverters “outperformed one particular central inverter (SunnyBoy 700U) during the fall 2011 at a site in Boone, NC. In unshaded conditions the microinverter provided on average 20% more power output than the central inverter. Under partial shading conditions (shading of 3.2% of the total array area) the microinverter outperformed the central inverter by 20%. Additionally, microinverter output was virtually unaffected by small amounts of array shading.”

More and more homeowners are insisting on microinverters for their home solar panels. At Kasselman Solar, we ONLY install microinverters on all of our solar arrays strongly because they are the best inverter solution available.

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