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Kasselman Teams With Unirac

One of the most common hesitations people have when considering going solar is if a solar panel installation will cause the roof to leak. This only happens if the solar panels are not installed properly. Luckily, Kasselman Solar has partnered with Unirac, which is North America’s leading manufacturer of solar mounting systems.




 By using Unirac as a key supplier of solar mounting equipment, Kasselman Solar has taken another step forward in ensuring every installation is a quality installation. Unirac’s mounting equipment has been used on over 1 million installations in the United States.


Unirac’s mounting equipment is industry-leading, as it makes up a whopping 30% of the market share in the North American solar racking market. While Kasselman Solar uses Unirac primarily for roof mount installations, the company also provides equipment for ground mount installations.


Plus, with Kasselman’s latest award, the 2022 Quality Solar Installer Award from NYSERDA, you can trust our team to install your solar correctly and with care- the first time. Installing solar correctly protects your home and your money from damages resulting from errors.

Kasselman Solar is committed to being a top solar installer for residents of New York State and only works with the best of the best suppliers for products and equipment. Our team of salespeople, engineers, installers, electricians, and project managers are here to assist you every step of the way.