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Kasselman and LG Energy Solutions Join Forces

LG Energy Solution to inform local homeowners on how they can achieve better energy independence as the company continues to restore consumer trust in the sector. With both companies boasting decades of experience, Kasselman and LG Energy Solution come together as a dynamic duo set to change the way locals experience solar, while also preparing them for potential grid outages and natural disasters.

As leaders in the energy industry, both companies want to help consumers navigate the often confusing and overwhelming vetting process for selecting reliable solar + storage installers. With thousands of companies now offering solar solutions, some have resorted to communicating misleading or inaccurate information to boost their sales in the highly competitive market. Therefore, homeowners must be more mindful than ever when selecting a trusted and certified installer that will be around for decades to come. The decision to go solar is a massive investment that will ultimately let consumers install their own personal power plant at home, which makes the need for long-lasting maintenance services and guaranteed safety key factors in their decision making.

LG Energy Solution aims to exceed every homeowner’s expectation which is why it only partners with a small number of hand-selected LG Certified Installers. As a widely trusted installer, Kasselman Solar was selected on the back of its 70 successful years of experience that has seen it lead the solar market with its pioneering innovation and unwavering integrity. Kasselman’s core values perfectly align with LG Energy Solution as they both see homeowners as energy partners, not just customers. In doing so, the company’s longevity ensures leading quality craftsmanship, reliability, and utmost customer satisfaction. They have also proven their positive impact across all areas of their business thanks to a strong focus on building relationships based on trust and reputation forged by results.

“Kasselman Solar is elated to kick off its strategic partnership with LG Energy Solution, one of the industry’s premiere home battery providers,” said Kasselman Solar CEO Steve Kasselman. “We see this as an extraordinary opportunity to ensure that our customers are receiving state-of-the-art, highly efficient, future-proof systems, while also working with a company that aligns its core values with Kasselman Solar. The opportunity and potential are immense.”

To make a positive impact, the immediate goal of both Kasselman and LG Energy Solution is to help homeowners protect their homes with sustainable and cost-effective solar energy. The combination of solar + storage works seamlessly together. In the event of a blackout or natural disaster, a homeowner with a home battery installed might be the only home in the neighborhood left with working lights. 

“Through a strategic partnership with Kasselman Solar, we have the opportunity to help families be prepared against the unknown,” stated Linh Tran, Director of Sales – Residential ESS at LG Energy Solution. “LG’s home battery, RESU, supplies emergency power during outages and under threats of natural disasters, all with renewable solar generated power. RESU’s technology should be considered for anyone seeking alternatives to traditional grid power.”

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