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Ground Mount Vs. Roof Mount

Ground Mount Vs. Roof Mount: Which Is Better For You?

There are two types of solar mounting systems for your home: a roof mount and ground mount solar racking system. Roof mount systems affix to the structural members of your roof, while ground mount systems are built into the Earth. Both mounting systems have their own merits depending on the specifics of your project.

We are dedicated to maintaining the most well trained PV Design Engineers in the solar industry to help you navigate the ins and outs of the solar. They specialize in determining whether a ground mounted solar panels system or a roof mounted solar panel system is right for your needs.



Ground-Mounted Solar

In order to install a ground-mounted solar system, your property has to meet some basic requirements. The three main items to consider before choosing ground-mounted solar are: space, soil type, and financing options available.

If your roof is not suitable for solar or you have an especially large electricity need that needs, a ground-mounted system is a valid option.

One of the first factors to consider for ground-mounted solar panels is the physical space on your property it takes up. Unlike a rooftop solar system, a ground-mounted installation will take up new square footage on your property. You will need an adequate area to install panels on that gets plenty of sunlight, as well as space for trenching and running wires to whatever structure will use the solar electricity.

Roof-Mounted Solar

When shopping for solar, you can often get the best deal with a rooftop installation. More often than not, a roof-mount is used in a residential setting where there isn’t a lot of space for a ground-mount system. Customers looking to maximize their return-on-investment, do not have a lot of space, and want to spend less money upfront, are typically drawn to a roof-mounted system.

One unexpected benefit to a roof-mounted system is that it protects the roof from degrading elements like UV light, wind, rain, and snow. It will also keep your structure more insulated.

With specialty sealants, next generation flashings, your roof will be in better shape after our installation than before.



Which Is Better? 

It is imperative that every solar array get as much sunlight as possible. Facing your array to the south allows for the panels to capture the most daylight. Ground-mounted solar systems can face in any direction, align at every optimal angle so that it positioned directly in the sun. If your roof is not suitable for solar or you have an especially large electricity need that needs more solar panels than you can fit on your roof, a ground-mounted system is a valid option.A ground-mounted or roof-mounted system depends solely on your energy needs, budget, and lifestyle. When it comes to Ground Mount Solar Vs. Roof Mount Solar, it’s best to consult a qualified PV Engineer as both options are unique.

Our promise is the highest-quality, custom solar energy solution designed and installed by Kasselman Solar at a fair price with exceptional customer service every step of the way. We focus on doing what’s right. We are able to offer an industry-leading workmanship warranty of 25 years and with our extensive history and strength, we will be here to honor your warranty.

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