BREAKING: 2022 New York State Solar Incentives Now Best In USA

Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Go Solar

The future is looking bright with clean energy, but this doesn’t mean that you should be waiting to get solar for your own home. It’s true, the early bird gets the worm, and in this case the first movers to switch to solar will save the most money. Here’s four reasons why YOU shouldn’t wait to go solar!

1. Solar Owners Have Greater Energy Independence From Utility Providers

We believe in one of the most basic principles our country was founded on your ability to make choices that are in your best interest. For any product or service, this means you have the ability to compare prices, weigh benefits, and make your own informed decision. However, the utility industry is one of these select few who have complete control over their customers until solar.

Utility companies:

  • Are the only providers in their area that determine rates for electricity, which can spike during peak electrical usage.
  • Are the only ones who can make repairs when the grid goes down.
  • Often aren’t even locally owned (An easy example of this is National Grid, which has its company headquarters in London, England).

You can declare your energy independence from your utility provider baggage in more ways than one as a solar customer. The freedom solar owners pose from utility companies is no secret, but what many have failed to recognize is just how liberating going solar is. By reinstating the free market into the energy industry, it requires all participants (both renewable and non renewable) to compete for their customers, giving you back control of your own energy future, along with other great benefits.

Solar Customers:

  • Generate their own electricity, and therefore are not burdened with price spikes during peak electrical usage. (New research shows simply having neighbors with solar can combat this as well, learn more about that here).
  • Solar systems paired with battery backup systems can keep a home fully powered for several days when the grid is down, giving time for repairs to be made.
  • Have a variety of choices of both national and local installers, and can have products made from longtime US allies to create a seamless solar system. (A great example of this here at Kasselman is our most popular pairing of panels from LG in South Korea with inverters from SolarEdge in Israel).

2. Solar Owners Have Greater Independence From The Grid

The unfortunate circumstances that lead to the recent electrical crisis in Texas and California have shown the obvious weaknesses in the United States electrical grid and its supporting infrastructure.  The coming years are going to see the United States in a revolution in the way we both create and use our electricity. Solar panels paired with battery backup systems will not only fundamentally change the way consumers interact with the grid; it will revolutionize the electrical utility industry holistically.

Systems such as these will not only combat price spikes during peak electrical usage (high demand leads increased price) but will be able to be utilized as a backup to the grid as a whole. These fundamentals principles are commonly referred to in the solar industry as Virtual Power Plans (VPP’s) and our friends over at SolarEdge have written a fantastic article explaining it in greater details. (read it here).

3. Solar Customers Who Act Faster Will Save More

A common misconception in the current political atmosphere to wait for federal aid before committing to solar. What many fail to recognize is that the Federal Tax Credit has already been extended, and that there are state tax credits as well as several other smaller programs to help you switch to solar.

The period to disproportionately benefit over the utility companies is now as the future may hold more lucrative subsidy programs, but the industry also expects laws and legislation to “catch up” to the monumental changes the grid will experience. If you commit now, you will be able to secure substantial federal and state tax credits, extra individual programs, and lock in a 25-year net metering contract with your utility provider.

4. Solar Is Expecting A National Backlog

The current solar industry right now has a secret, and it’s about time you know it. Once solar goes mainstream, the demand is going to massively surpass the supply, which ultimately is going to lead to increase pricing for panels and more importantly, a national backlog. Going solar now guarantees getting your solar system before shortages begin.