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Best Reasons to Go Solar

The transition to solar energy is a topic of increasing significance in the context of global sustainability and energy consumption. Established in 2014, Kasselman Solar has been a key player in the New York solar space for almost a decade, and have found many reasons motivating homeowners and business owners to switch to clean energy. The global shift to renewable energy cannot be overstated, as it impacts the environment, economy, and society at-large.

1: Environmental Stewardship

Foremost among the motives for adopting solar energy is its environmental impact. Solar power offers a clean and sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuels. By harnessing solar energy, individuals and entities contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

2: Economic Rationality

The economic rationale for adopting solar energy is multifaceted. Notably, solar power systems allow the consumer to mitigate the risk of rising energy costs, allowing long-term financial benefits. The potential to eliminate electricity bills, coupled with incentives and tax credits, renders solar energy a wise investment.

3: Government Incentives

Between the federal and state governments, you can receive 50% of the total project cost covered as a tax credit on your annual return. These incentives make solar installations more financially feasible and appealing.

4: Energy Independence and Grid Resilience

Solar energy offers a degree of energy independence, reducing reliance on centralized power grids. Also, by adding energy storage solutions, such as batteries, solar arrays can continue to provide electricity when the grid is down, enhancing energy security.

5. Property Value Enhancement

According to Zillow, solar panels add a nationwide average of 4.1% to the value of your home. As more buyers look for environmentally-friendly homes, solar helps to enhance your property’s appeal.

6. Support for Renewable Energy Development

The adoption of solar energy aligns with society’s aspirations for a sustainable future. By choosing solar power, individuals and organizations can contribute to the growth of the renewable energy industry, encouraging further innovations in the field.

7. Low Maintenance and Durability

Solar panels are celebrated for their minimal maintenance requirements and robust durability. These qualities ensure solar installations provide reliable energy source with minimal operational costs over their lifespan.

8. Job Creation and Economic Growth

Solar is booming, and the industry is helping the economy grow. Investments in solar help the economy through employment opportunities in manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

9. Reduce Air Pollution

It’s no secret that solar panels reduce air pollution. In contrast to conventional energy sources, solar power does not involve harmful emissions, thus improving the air quality and public health.

10. Technological Advancements

Solar technology continually evolves, becoming more efficient and cost-effective. Staying in front of technological advancements allows adopters to benefit from improved system performance.

Over the years, we’ve heard plenty of the best reasons to go solar, and this list includes reasons from environmental, economic, and societal factors. The global transition to clean energy is seemingly here to stay and represents a fundamental step toward a sustainable and resilient energy future. By choosing a local contractor such as Kasselman Solar, you know your project will be overseen with great pride and care, complemented by our team of NABCEP-certified experts. Get in touch to learn how solar can work for you!