About Solar

How New York State is helping homeowners and business owners

 harvest the sun for clean, reliable, and cheap energy

How Do Solar Panels Work

Solar panels work via the Photovoltaic effect, in which photons released from the sun knock loose electrons from their atoms in solar cells. These loose electrons then flow through positive and negative conductors attached to the solar cells, creating an electrical current. 

New York Solar Incentives

The Residential Solar Tax Credit is a tax incentive solar customers can subtract from the taxes they owe to the state and federal government the year they purchase their solar system. 

New York Net Metering

In a traditional New York Net Metering model, your solar system will be connected to the grid via your utility meter. At any given point if your home uses more electricity than your solar system produces, your homes electricity will be supplemented from the grid. However, if your solar system produces more electricity than what is being used that electricity will be sent to the grid and you receive a credit with your utility company that offsets future withdraws from the grid. 
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